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We are Leading Eyes Upward!
Everywhere you go, you cannot but help notice people looking down, down at their ipad, phone or other hand held device. We strive to create content that will cause people to look up.

We operate several Christian websites and Facebook pages and is engaging with a growing number of people. The Facebook pages have enjoyed over 650,000 likes.

Manna Media has produced over 100 individual short film segments and have been viewed over 500,000 times.
The number is increasing daily.

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Angelic presence in tunnel of 51393511We will strive to make continuous improvement until Jesus returns.

At Manna Media Inc. we whole heartedly agree with Charles Wesley who said, “All the world is my parish.” Our goal is to connect the secular to the sacred, after all This Is our Father's World.

We are non-denominational and non-partisan, but do support and present a conservative perspective on church and societal issues. WMCN is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, known for its quality publications.

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Manna Media, Inc. desires to increase its social...
We will strive to make continuous improvement...

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Your love contributions are always greatly appreciated. We exist because people see value in our work and want us to continue.
Ask the Lord to open up the doors and resources required for Manna Media Inc to present Christian media in a professional way.
Join us. If you have time, a talent or skill, and want to use it for the Lord through our efforts we welcome your contribution.
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